Binchester 2010 Interim Report Online

The 2010 Binchester Interim Report has been published on the web. It details the findings of two trenches excavated during July of last year, one inside the Roman fort and one in the civilian settlement (vicus). An excerpt:

“The results of the 2010 season constitute an important advance in our understanding of Roman and especially sub‐Roman Binchester. Further details of the defences have come to light with the location of not only the eastern angle‐tower but also of an interval tower along both of the adjoining sections of rampart. This will enable the spacing of the others in the series to be determined. The areas of substantial surfacing and the pits containing much animal bone replicate a group of similar features found during the 1976‐81 and 1986‐91 excavations on the site of the praetorium and bath‐house… There these features were associated with the slaughtering of animals and the processing of bone and hides for the manufacture of everyday artefacts. It now appears that similar activities were taking place in at least part of the praetentura part of the fort interior and suggests the continuing presence of a significant population at Binchester well into the fifth century. There are hints from this season that such occupation was also present in the vicus to the south‐east though this could just as easily be the result of rubbish disposal from such activity. Further work should clarify the situation in that area.”

You can read the full report, with plans, finds summary, and bibliography here.

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