Binchester Field School and Academic Credit

The Binchester Project does not offer direct credit through Stanford or Durham to those outside these two institutions.  Each university or college has its own credit structure.  Instead, upon the successful completion of the Field School, we offer an official packet the student can take back to their home institution and discuss what credit the experience may translate into.

The packet explains about the project, the tasks performed by the student, an evaluation of their performance, and what a comparable university-level accreditation would look like.  Everything is signed by a director of the project.

Most students who go this route are able to get something out of their home institution for their work on the Binchester project.  If any further information or paperwork is required, this can also be solicited from the directors.  We are also able to submit this packet directly to the registrar at the student’s home institution if necessary.

Students interested in attempting to negotiate academic credit for their experience at Binchester should probably query the registrar at their home institution before applying.  Be sure to explain that:

The aims of the field school are:

  • to provide students with an understanding, based on practical experience, of the objectives and operation of a fieldwork project
  • to train the students in the processing of data and material produced by archaeological projects
  • to train the students in fieldwork-related techniques

At the end of the season, the student will have:

  • had over 175 hours of formal instruction
  • demonstrated their understanding of the role of fieldwork in archaeological research and appreciated the inter-relationship of theory and practice in the archaeological process
  • participated in a group fieldwork project, reflected on its outcome, and learned how and when to deploy particular techniques of investigation and recording.
  • acquired the ability to identify and analyze a range of different archaeological materials and data
  • in addition, the student will have acquired experience of working in teams in order to facilitate specific goals

A comparable class at Durham University (ARCH2102: Professional Training) carries 40 credit hours.

Please contact the project directly if there are any further questions about credit. We are happy to discuss the project and its curriculum directly with faculty and institutions.

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