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Binchester 2010 Interim Report Online

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The 2010 Binchester Interim Report has been published on the web. It details the findings of two trenches excavated during July of last year, one inside the Roman fort and one in the civilian settlement (vicus). An excerpt: “The results of the 2010 season constitute an important advance in our understanding of Roman and especially […]

Binchester in New Archaeology Magazine


A new archaeology web magazine called ELECTRUM has just hit the virtual stands, and an article on Bichester is one of its featured stories.  It was written by Binchester directors Gary Devore and Michael Shanks and gives a brief overview of the history of the site and the latest (2010) season.  It can be found […]

Binchester Excavation Grant

Reconstruction of the Mausolea at Binchester

The Roman Research Trust has awarded a grant to the Binchester Project to investigate some anomalies seen on the geophysical survey of the fort’s vicus (civilian settlement).  This grant will pay for two trenches.  The first will be in an area that may be a possible inhumation cemetery to the north of the main site.  […]

Virtual Binchester Part of Beta Web Testing


Normally, the virtual world platform Second Life (SL) is accessed by a stand-alone program. Linden Lab, the company that runs SL, is currently beta testing a java plug-in that will allow visitors to access the world with just a web browser. ROMA, the ancient Roman land that houses a full scale reproduction of the Binchester […]

Vinovium – a short report on summer 2010


Here is a short news item about this last summer, released yesterday. July 2010 was the second archaeological field season for the Binchester Project. We are exploring the borderlands between England and Scotland, once the northern edge of the Roman Empire, excavating a key fort and town in the frontier system that included Hadrian’s Wall. […]