Archaeology is an inherently collaborative discipline, drawing as it does on the technical, period, and area knowledge of different specialists to develop a coherent picture of a site or region.

But at VINOVIUM.ORG, we take this one step further. We believe that cooperation produces some of the most exciting and imaginative work, not only in archaeology but in all the social sciences and humanities. Relishing the synergies that collaboration generates, we are always open to opportunities to engage with people from diverse backgrounds from around the world, whether inside or outside academia. This can include working closely together on a publication project, providing space for someone to work alongside us, or simply brainstorming ideas.

Consequently, we’re advocates of the collaboratory — a virtual space in which researchers can come together regardless of their locations in the real world. We principally use wiki software (ProjectForum) to allow team members to draw materials together, organize, and discuss ideas. We are also looking at emerging “web 3.0” technologies such as virtual 3D worlds as another way of fostering productive working relationships.

This page links to research areas for VINOVIUM.ORG project participants.

  • Binchester Roman Excavations Projects
  • Binchester 2010 is the backstage area for Stanford applicants for the 2010 team. It is password-protected.
  • Binchester Admin is a backstage area for the excavation’s primary researchers to discuss aspects of organization. It is password-protected.
  • Hadrian’s Wall represents the fruits of the Eight Great Archaeological Sites 2009 class’s labors. This is now open to the public and contains information about the wall and region around it.

If you would like to talk to us about our work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.